To All Our Wonderful Staff providing the following services:

  • IHCS (w7060 and w7061)
  • Respite (w9862 and w9798)
  • Companion (w1726)

Effective immediately, please begin using the EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) phone app if you are not already doing so.  You were given a login and password for the Sandata Mobile Connect App,  and the state is recording our usage as of September 1, 2020.  If you encounter any problems, please email in real time- not hours later.

Sandata just released an update for the app requiring a 12 character password.  Please login to your account in advance of your next client visit to be certain you can login in and that you are aware of how long logging in and logging out will take.  We suggest updating your passwords now.

Your cooperation is expected and appreciated. Due to EVV being a State requirement, we will unfortunately be unable to pay for any Salesforce work entries received without corresponding Sandata EVV entries showing clock in and clock out times.

Again, this policy is regarding In-Home & Community Supports (IHCS), Companion and Respite services only, and does NOT apply to Community Participation Supports (CPS), Supported Employment or Behavioral services.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in supporting our clients, especially as we navigate all of the changes that 2020, COVID-19 and new state regulations have brought our way. Please know that we truly appreciate all that you do and are here to assist you!

HCBS Admin