Welcome to HCBS Provider, Inc.

Who needs our services?

HCBS Provider specializes in providing services to Pennsylvania adults with mental health and intellectual/ developmental disabilities, both in-home and out of home, including Community Living Arrangements (CLA) and Life-sharing. Many consumers don’t realize that there is an alternative to moving out of their homes into an assisted living facility, nursing home or another kind of institution. Most consumers prefer to remain at home for as long as possible – we can help with respite services! In fact, there are more and more Pennsylvania consumers every day who can benefit from our services.

What do we do?

Our trained staff provides the following services in Pennsylvania:  In-home and Community Supports, Companionship, Behavioral Support, Respite, Supported Employment.

Individualized Services

Our services are individualized and consumer-driven. They are designed to empower consumers with special needs and enhance their quality of life.  By utilizing the best evidence-based practices, we help our consumers meet their goals identified in their ISPs.

About Us

HCBS Provider is an Approved Provider by the Department of Human Services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, qualified by the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) for the Consolidated and Person/Family Directed Support (P/FDS) and the Community Living Waiver programs. They are subjected to 55 PA Code 51 and 52 rules and regulations. Provider qualifications and verification requirements are continually updated. Federal, state and local requirements govern HCBS Provider. HCBS Provider must meet applicable waiver amendments and have valid MA provider agreements that are monitored by the various departments on a regular basis.

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