Guided by respect and a commitment to consumer/client choices, we are dedicated to working collaboratively with consumer’s family, providers and other partners to implement services. Plans are developed as part of a team process and based on assessed needs.

Our programs are designed with inclusiveness in mind, and are client/consumer/participant driven in order to enhance the quality of lives. Services provide individuals the necessary skills to live more independently. We enable our clients to participate in the community to give them opportunities to develop mind, body and spirit. We believe that all people with disabilities are productive members of the community. HCBS is a cooperative in the sense that our family, friends, agencies and community work together by pooling our skills, labor and resources to create a better place for our clients with disabilities. It is imperative that we all cooperate together.

HCBS Provider is at the forefront of information technology in our industry, and we are working to become virtually a paperless office. HCBS Provider can provide services by relatives, legal guardians and legally responsible individuals as staffpersons.