Vast numbers of parents (especially women) take time to step out of the workforce in order to raise and care for children or look after aging parents or loved ones. As the pandemic hit, even more women left the workforce, shouldering the majority of the responsibilities for their children as they were in and out of school. Some women might think they need to hide that “gap” in their resume, and some employers would view it as a problem. But we get it. And unlike some employers, we know that the “gap” isn’t really a red flag.

Strengthen Your Skills

Staying home with children and gives you a chance to slow down, and become more understanding and compassionate. Time spent at home can strengthen your skills, including time management and organization. Coincidentally, these are the very skills that our Direct Support Professionals need. You don’t even need a degree. If you’ve got a high school diploma or GED, a drivers license and a reliable car, you’re qualified.

Life Balance

We understand that life sometimes isn’t a linear progress. We understand that employees have lives beyond work. A job as a direct support professional can offer you the flexibility to work on your own timetable. If you have to schedule around your kids being in school, or take off time to attend medical appointments with your parents, this job will be the perfect fit.

Future Opportunities

We all go through periods where life is complicated. As your life resolves around you, you may find that you want more from your career. From your position as a DSP, you have access up the career ladder in social services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts over 78K job opportunities in this field in the US each year over the next ten years. Any skills you learn as a DSP can be transferred to many other social services job opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to get out of the house while the kids are in school, or looking for something to do while caring for aging parents, a part-time position as a Direct Support Professional might be just the way to fill the next spot in your resume. Interested? Check out our current opportunities!