Finding gifts for a teen or adult living with a disability can be intimidating because living with a disability presents many challenges that most of us don’t think about on a day-to-day basis.

Most teens and adults with a disability have a childlike innocence during the holidays, but they also desire self-sufficiency and want to be treated like an adult. Everyday tasks can be difficult but with the right gift idea you can get something they will be excited about that can help make daily tasks easier for them.


Apps that you can use on a smartphone or tablet are continuously being developed to assist individuals with disabilities. Tablets are becoming more affordable in price – and during sales, you can even find some under $50. There are tablets and apps that offer features such as assistive touch, and voice to text help out individuals with disabilities significantly while also providing them with fun entertainment that they enjoy.


Sensory overload is real and for teens and adults with disabilities, headphones can be a lifesaver. There are many options for good quality headphones that they can use with most electronic devices.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy has helped many individuals with medical ailments, focus, and stress. It’s not uncommon for individuals with disabilities to struggle with anxiety. There are some wonderful, calming essential oils that can help soothe their nerves and make their home smell great at the same time.

Google Home or Amazon Echo

You can use the Amazon Echo or Google Home to play music, games and connect with your smartphone to control lights and other items in your home.


This could be the perfect gift for anyone who needs a helping hand with chores, but caregivers especially, will appreciate this. Using a tool like this can also help your special needs adult with routine by scheduling the cleaning, which they can also help with. A Roomba is a fabulous way to help keep up with housework without the effort.

Smart Watch

Newer technology has made the smartwatch a game changer. They can use a smartwatch to set alarms, and reminders – so they know when to do basic chores, take medication or go to appointments. The watch also makes it easier on them to contact emergency services or family and friends If they need any assistance.

Gift Cards

Most teens and adults with disabilities work entry-level jobs and do not have a lot of income to do “extras” such as eating out, going out to movies or out shopping. Gift cards are a great way to help give them the little luxuries that they would enjoy.

The holidays can sometimes get lonely for individuals with disabilities. There are many great, affordable ideas that will brighten their season. If you run out of ideas, simply ask them what they would like – I am confident they will give you several great ideas to choose from!

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