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HCBS Provider offers a comprehensive range of support options designed around the specific needs of our consumers. This includes companion, respite, habilitation, supported employment, and behavioral health.

Companion Services

Indirect services including household cleaning/maintenance and homemaker activities such as meal preparation, laundry or services to keep the home clean and in a safe condition.

Respite Services

Provides relief for the primary caregivers in their absence. This can either be provided in home or out of home.

Certified Investigators


Home and Community Services

Services to help consumers gain, maintain, and improve skills that allow them to live and participate in their local community. Examples of home and community services include supporting consumers to participate in a church activity, learning to cook safely, or learning to use public transportation independently.

Supported Employment

Direct and indirect services that must meet contractual conditions provided in community employment work sites with co-workers who do not have a disability for the purposes of finding and supporting individuals in competitive jobs of their choice. Individuals must receive minimum wage or higher. HCBS Provider offers Certified Employment Support Professionals who have earned the CESP certificate or have completed the ACRE-endorsed curriculum in Employment Services for People with Disabilities.

Behavior Support

This service supports consumers with behavioral concerns that affect their daily functioning in the home, community, or work environment. This includes conducting a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) developing an individualized behavioral plan (PBSP), that includes behavior strategies based off of the function of their behavior. The Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC) will train the team on implementation of the PBSP to ensure consistency across environments and individuals.

Our behavioral specialist consultants’ credentials include include Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  Our BSCs all have a strong background in Applied Behavior Analysis. (ABA) and are licensed by the Bureau of Autism (LBS).


HCBS Provider’s services are available under the Consolidated and P/FDS waivers through the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP), Adult Autism waiver as well as the OBRA waiver through the Office of Long Term Living (OLTL).