People choose a career in social services for many reasons. Some want to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, and social work is one of the most effective professions for helping others. Others are looking for a challenging career with opportunities for upward mobility. Whatever your reason, if you’re considering a social services career, this article outlines four reasons why this might be the career for you.

Job Security

More and more organizations and communities are starting to recognize the need for social services workers. Jobs are opening up in nontraditional sectors, like business and public policy, as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the social work field to grow by 12% between 2020-2030, a much faster pace than other fields. The Bureau forecasts over 78K job opportunities in the US for every year in the next ten years. Skills learned in a social services job, such as communication, problem solving, empathy, team work, and time management can be transferred to many other social services jobs. Starting a social services job will open up multiple opportunities to move up the career ladder.

Something New Every Day

While each work day might be planned out, a social services job will always present unexpected challenges for you to deal with. Social work constantly keeps you on your toes, but if you are an emotionally resilient person, you’ll find that this work also allows you to appreciate the little things in life so many people take for granted.  People in social services careers provide assistance to people in every stage of life – from birth to old age and social services careers cover a wide range of workplaces and services. All of these career paths have one thing in common: a mission to serve people needing assistance.

Make a Difference

In today’s communities, at-risk populations need the most help, but have a difficult time accessing it. Social services workers can help them make their voice heard, build them up, advocate for them and make a real difference. This is the perfect career for someone who believes that everyone can be resourceful, resilient and able. If you’re drawn to this field, you’ll learn how learning from the experiences of others can open your mind and your heart.


This type of career is not just about your typical professional skills. Several social services careers don’t even require any special training beyond a high school diploma. The challenge of the work will help you to identify not only your strengths, but also your weaknesses. It’s the perfect outlet if you want to develop and grow on the job. Many social services jobs also offer opportunities to upgrade your learning credentials, and the flexibility to work while you’re learning.

If your heart and your mind are open, whether you’re at the beginning of your career or considering a leap into a new field, social services is a great choice. Think you’re ready to apply? Check out our current opportunities!